Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beaufort Waterway-8x10

$350 in nice plein air frame
$275 unframed
email me if you'd like to purchase it

One of those shimmery HOT summer afternoons while the clouds boil up ready to rain.

House on Corbett Hill- 8x8


One from the other morning before the humidity built up. it was fun trying to capture the radiance of sunlite on this one. i never tire of trying to use pigment and linseed oil to do it. but its an eternally elusive goal.


Rick Nilson said...

In an afternoon I learned more about oil paint than may be considered humanly possible. Mike, I keep rediscovering all the things you told me about paint. Thank you again, and its a good feeling to know you are out there somewhere in eastern North Carolina painting.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks rick- wish you couldve taken more of the w/s. i enjoyed what we did that day! like your recent stuff. i check yer blog regularly.