Monday, July 20, 2009


like i said, loved this boat. tried real hard to keep it super loose and real gooshey (a very technical artist term i learned in art school) LOL

the cooler, overcast light key is (to me) more challenging than a bright sunny day. could be because i paint bright sunny days 10,000 times more than i do overcast. the only way i'd even want to paint overcast light key, is push the colors a bit to make them more interesting. i almost always paint boats or something up close because the landscape isnt very interesting when its monochromatic.

news on jamie- the skin donor sites on his legs (for the grafts) are very very painful but he's alert, walked a few minutes yesterday and is getting stronger everyday.

again i'd like to thank everybody for their support to my family on the blog, in emails and with phone calls, during all this. things may return to somewhat normal in a couple of weeks maybe.


Tracy Bell said...

Glad to see you painting- and bigger!! Pleased jamie is making progress-

mike rooney studios said...

thanks tracy.
playing with bigger canvases. selling them... thats the trick.

jamies out of the burn center thank God. thanks for the support during that nightmare.
like your recent paintings!

natalie said...

Normal- what is normal anyway Mike? So glad to hear his is doing well- you are still in our prayers. Let us know if we can do anything on this end- Natalie

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I really just came to look at your work and found out about your son. The thought of anyone suffering so much, pains me. I'm glad he is doing better but there are no worse injuries, pain-wise, than burns.

The paintings are looking good.

mike rooney studios said...

natalie and mary
thanks for the prayers and support. he's recovering well and i'm back to slingin paint hard as i can. thanks for stopping by!