Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Update

As can sometimes happen at a huge truama center Jamie got bumped from the operating room Wed. and was rescheduled for today. annette (my wife) and i are hanging in there at bedside. Jamie seems to be doing well, still in that in-and-out drugged up state to control the pain. in a part of my head i know the meds are doing their job, but the logical part sees him thrash and moan (tho' less now than a few days ago) and i wonder just how much he still must be feeling.

Hopefully today they'll get him in surgery today and the healing can begin.

i did get out a little yesterday afternoon and painted a little coffee house on the campus of UNC called Carolina Coffee House, an iconic chapel hill haunt. it felt good just to forget everything thats going on right now. it wasnt the best thing i've ever painted but i frankly didnt care. i just wanted to keep from getting too rusty. i did feel a little rusty even after just a few days away from the brush. another good reason to paint everyday or every other at the very least.

they're coming to get him for surgery pretty soon so i gotta go


LSaeta said...

All of us out here in cyberspace have you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We will never know why these things happen and I can promise you that soon you will look back on this as a distant memory only. Jamie will be fine and he will heal fast due to your amazing love and strength. God bless you.

Eleanor said...

We have Annette, Jamie, you and the other burn patients in our prayers.
Stay strong in the Lord.
He is with you all the way.
Lived in the Carolina Coffee Shop and Ackland all during art school...brings back memories.

mike rooney studios said...

LSaeta- i'll be glad when this is very far in the rear view mirror and i'll only have this blog to go back to remembering the kindness of strangers tied to me only by three things. our humanity, internet access and our love for art. thanks

eleanor- thanks for the prayers. God is full of grace and has been easing our situation in small ways to make this bearable. and i know even tho its bad, it couldve been way worse. Jamie couldve died, my house could be burnt down, on and on.

the Carolina Coffee Shop was a fun little building front to paint. it felt soooo good to push some paint around even if it was bad. chalk it up to having a lot going on.... LOL
at some sushi on franklin street with my youngest son (here to see his stepbrother) yesterday and that was really good!.

Douglas Hoover said...

Hang in there buddy. Glad to hear that you were able to get a little brush time in. Wishing Jamie all the best and especially peaceful thoughts to you and Annette.

anne h ward said...

heard thro eleanor today about jamie. literally know the state you are in. i pray the Lord will be present in each and every stage of this for each of you. you may not feel it, but when you are able to look back you will know He has been with you.
i leave for mtns. tomorrow to paint for two weeks. you may be assured you, your precious jamie, annette and other son will be in my prayers. HE is faithful.

mike rooney studios said...

douglas- thanks man! it was nice to get near that brush again. its my best friend in the world.
saw the guy from the ocracoke fire walking with his Physical Therapist up and down the hall so know that he too is on the mend. thanks for the support thru this!

anne- Bless your heart! thanks for the prayers and you have a great painting trip to the mountains.the healing process has begun and YES He is Faithful! ive seen His hand in many many things since we've been here and even how little things happened and didnt happen during the fire that kept all this from being worse. Bad things happen but He turns them around for good, as you well know.
thanks for being there for us all.
now go paint up a storm!