Monday, December 22, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

Repainting of the El-Ann- 16x20- oil on canvasboard
Available- $550 framed, $450 unframed
to purchase- contact me before it goes to Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro

Here's one that was 7 months in the making.
no i didnt paint on it that long but it feels like it.
this was started back in june on location and i meant to come back to that spot to finish it but for this reason, and that, didnt get back for several weeks. and guess what? the boat was gone, off the stanchions it was on, when they were painting her underside. good thing i had shot a photo of it, just in case.

this painting has stared at me in my studio everyday since june, screaming
"finish me!". like the item on your to-do list that never seems to get done, taunting you everyday, making you feel bad for procrastinating so long.

well,, finally yesterday i threw it on the easel, put the photo on the computer screen and finished it! man, i was so proud of myself for getting it done finally. really liked how it came out too. thats an added bonus.

in other news.... i've sent my blog for submission to the Daily Painters Gallery, the internets most highly publicized and popular "daily painter" websites with thousands of hits a day. its very hard to get into their group and they'll let me know in January if i get accepted. will be very good for me (the group will be featured on Oprah soon) and will give me a thousand times the exposure i'm getting now.
keeping my fingers crossed.

they require you to paint one painting daily, which i'm "almost" doing now. so that shouldnt be a problem.

more on what they tell me later.....


anne h ward said...

Mike, What a wonderful opportunity...the Daily Painter's Gallery. Have already done more than "crossed my fingers". OPRAH!!!! Wow, you will have reached quite a milestone. Trust timing is right and that you will be there.
The El-Ann reminds me of the shrimp boats on the river front in Southport when I was a child. Boat building, repairing, shrimp houses...a real working waterfront...not the chi-chi one it is today, though still picturesque.

mike rooney studios said...

they tell me over at DPG that Oprah has contacted them about running something about the group on her show. and as we all know... anything Oprah touches turns to gold.
if the door opens for me to get in the group i think it'll get me a thousand times the amount of people who see (and hopefully collect) my small paintings. the gallery sales are going to slow down some now and this will help till things turn around.
didnt know you were from southport
cool place to paint!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful art work.

mike rooney studios said...

giftcardprinting- thanks for stopping by and glad you like what you see. come by again!

Lori McNamara said...

Good luck, I am voting for you over at DP.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks so much
hope you like what you see. i'd like to join you guys. ive watched you all since i started daily paintings a little over a year ago.