Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Three Paintings-SOLD

These were painted several weeks ago
and weren't posted. the cosmetics painting is a tribute to the queen of
cosmetic paintings- Peggi Kroll-Roberts
both SOLD

ENC Afternoon- 6x6- oil on canvasboard

This was my first painting after a long layoff (see posts below) and i was pleasantly surprised that it didnt take me long to get back in the swing of things. i liked the orange buildings and the blue shadows, and the light on the sidewalk. Looks very 'fallish' and late in the day.


Alice Thompson said...

Mr Rooney, looks like you're Back to me. I noticed the absence and somehow knew that's where you were. You should know that even if the shelter had closed it would not have been for naught. You've helped countless people over those 12 years. If it did close tomorrow, life would go forward and you would still be drawn to painting, like a shark is to a surfer.

Your doing wonderful!


mike rooney studios said...

youre choking me up....
you are absolutely correct that folks have been fed, saved and blessed by the rescue mission and if it closed tomorrow, did exactly what it was supposed to do, for exactly as long as it was supposed to do.
but praise God its still running and will get more oversight on my part and i can mix that with my driving need to paint.
you blessed me with your comment today.thanks. the blogosphere art community has some wonderful, caring people in it.
dont remind me that sharks love chomping on surfers,,,, i'm gonna catch some waves when all this mess calms down and i can get back home to the coast LOL
p.s. are my pics getting any better? ive been tweaking them some in my pic editor and using macro setting on the smaller ones.

Jeff Mahorney said...

Aw man, I love "ENC Afternoon"! Those warm/cool colors contrasts really say sunlight to me. Beautiful. :)

Alice Thompson said...

Most Definitely, much much better... but still I see a little room left for improvement ; )

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. i'm a sucker for an orange brick wall and dark blue shadows. cant get enough of em!
preesh the nice words. had to hear that on this first one after a stretch without painting.felt a little rusty but its coming back slowly.

is it still too overexposed? thats the part i never see right for some reason. any tips appreciated...
thanks so much