Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bald Head Workshop- Day Two

i know i promised photos tonite but ive got some coming, really.
on day two, in the morning session we did a three value block-in. right beside it on the canvas we painted a three color block-in but then went into those three values and did slightly lighter and darker shapes within each of those three. so it went from being three to six or seven values.
now remember... this is a day and a half of a three day workshop and the class hasnt touched any color exept a very dark gray-blue and white paint. i thought they'd be trying to stage a mutiny. but they trusted me and went along with the "black and white show". building a well designed painting and only using dark, medium, and white paint can be challenging so they werent bored at all. then in the afternoon we talked about color temperatures, mixing and remembering that just because we had color now, we couldnt forget the huge importance of value. some found it challenging to now think about value and color, not to mention composition, temperatures, and the wind starting blowing very hard and stuff started blowing over. all but one or two of the fourteen were studio painters and the conditions tested them. but they soldiered on. one of the ladys fell down and cut her leg very bad. she went to the EMS people got it bandaged up and came back to finish the day painting. Gosh! now thats what i call a dedicated painter!
Two Man Show: Mike Rooney and Kristin Gibson
New Works
City Art Gallery, Greenville NC
Reception: Wed. May 12th, 6-9 pm
show will be up for about a month

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