Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring on the Marsh-22x28

Contact me if you like this one for price and availability


Ive been getting alot of emails from people worried that now i'm out of Daily Painters Gallery it will affect this blog somehow or that they wont get the posts automatically in their mailbox. have no fear, dropping DPG is seperate and apart from this site, and doesnt affect my blog or "subscribers" to my blog in any way. it just means i wont be on the site any more. so if you didnt go there alot you wont notice any changes.

Here's the finished 22x28 that i've been working on for the last several days. sketches, studies, two days in the field and some tweaking in the studio. was it worth it? only those looking at it will be able to answer that but i think that i love it. its still has a plein air, spontaneous and colorful look that marks my style, but its more subtle and complex in all the shapes. note: check out the blah marsh picture under this post to see how i colorized it to look like spring.

i had time to work the painting like i wanted to without any thought, whatsoever, of time. it was liberating. work on the painting as long as it takes, period. the question will be will folks think its worth the extra money. but i guess thats why really good wine, sold at a fine wine dealer that took decades to make, costs more than wine called Two Buck Chuck that they just made last month and sell at Trader Joe's grocery store.

Stay tuned for the results!


Justin Holdren said...

This is sweet Mike! It is still distinctly your style, but I like how it is a bit more refined in certain areas. I think you won't have any problem selling some more higher priced work because the quality of the work is awesome. I know it's a leap of faith to drop out of the daily painters gallery, but if you sell fewer pieces at higher prices, it will be better than killing yourself to do a painting a day, and you can take time to enjoy the process more. This piece is great!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- appreciate the encouragement man.
i just decided to go the high end fine art painter route versus the daily painter knock out artist selling paintings for $75. the two are compatible until you land a few high end galleries who look down on their artists selling paintings online at bargain basement prices . i just want to make those topshelf galleries great paintings and let them sell them for 10 times what i get online. you name any of the up and coming artists mentioned in the art and gallery mags (the ones selling high end art with high end prices) and you wont see one selling cheap online stuff. there must be a reason for that right? not saying i'm even close to that but its the direction i want to be aiming for.
like i said justin, if i'm wrong dont mock me when you see me cooking hamburgers in McDonalds! :D

Justin Holdren said...

Don't think you'll end up working at McDonalds, but I wonder if you get a discount on Cheeseburgers?? That can't be all bad! :)