Thursday, October 21, 2010

Berlin/Ocean City Maryland Workshop

The class lines up to paint the sound view on day two. It was chilly and windy early on but not one complaint was heard. I love this crews passion for learning!

Betty's working on "chunking in" the big shapes in the right value and temperature.

This was day two of a three day workshop i'm teaching. Yesterday it rained hard all day allowing us to stay in the classroom yesterday where i could stress the importance of drawing, values, and simplifying when painting outside. its much harder to teach this when folks who arent used to painting outside are forced to deal with "all that stuff out there". all the while, they're having to process new ways of thinking and painting that i'm teaching them! it can be overwhelming coming at them, all at once on day one.

leaving here saturday for points north in Rhode Island and
Cape Cod. Wow... i'm heading into colder climes. hmmmm. i'm not used to wearing jeans and sweatshirts.

Already dreaming of wintering in the Keys with palms, warm water, and temps in the 80's. Wont be long now!

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