Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Honeyspot

Left the eastern shore yesterday headed to my next gig in rhode island. rode and rode and rode after leaving at six from the maryland workshop. next thing i know i'm in conneticut and its 12:30 am and i'm wrecked. so i start looking for a motel to get a few winks for the drive to r.i. In conneticut there arent alot of billboards so you dont really know where any motels are until its too late and youve passed it. forget about turning around! so you ride 10 more miles, until you pass another one. DARN IT!
finally get to one and it's $100 for the night. i cant bring myself to spend that much for five hours of sleep, so i left there and headed down the road again, in search of cheaper digs.
the sign said The Honeyspot. what was i thinking?! i had a bad feeling when i opened the door and it smelled like a homeless shelter. a mix of sweat, Pinesol, and Curry rice. but i was tired and the price was right. $60. until i got to my room and found out they made the lobby smell good! slept on my first plastic covered pillow. had to wrap a towel around it to keep from krinkling all night. the floor was so dirty i kept my shoes on until i got on the bed. and i slept in my clothes.
and you thought i was living the life of O'Reilly traipzing around painting and teaching. This road warrior stuff isnt for the faint of heart. but i did end up on naragansett bay today painting the harbor from a cliff overlooking deep blue water with white sailboats spotted everywhere below.
so maybe i do live the life of O'Reilly after all.
Moral of this story is dont stay at places with names like The Dewdrop Inn, Bates Motel or The Honeyspot. ewwwwww!


DGehman said...

So I Googled "honeyspot motel connecticut" because I thought you might be exaggerating. I found that in fact, you were understating. You're lucky you still have your skin and your truck. Not many motels win a 2-page newspaper article whose most positive comment is 'the motel management cooperates with police during investigations.'

See you tomorrow. I'm staying at a $50 motel in Middletown....

Denise Rose said...

Oh goodness! So glad you made it out of there alive!

Betty said...

Oh no! What a memory to connect to your workshop in Berlin!

Klinger Studios said...

Ewww is right! I've stayed in some bad ones before - but not that bad. Good thing you were really tired. You might want to consider what we're planning - getting an RV or a truck camper. Then you can stop whenever you like (pretty much). I can't wait to get it!
Cheers, Christine

mike rooney studios said...

dave- you confirmed what i thought. thought the people staying there might have had their pictures hanging on a wall in the post office LOL

denise-i'm glad i got out alive too

betty- no association with maryland. thats a conneticut memory for sure

christine- a camper would cost me a fortune in gas but having a van with a comfy air mattress doesnt sound bad. you can sleep anywhere if youre tired enough!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! you should have paid the extra 40 dollars for a good nights sleep and no bugs! You should start a book about the worst places to stay on the east Coast (lol).... illustrated of course!