Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Heaven-8x6-SOLD

This 100 year old house is now the Blue Heaven Restaurant. as you sit eating, at your feet are a bunch of chickens, roosters and chicks walking around like they own the place. this place really captures the atmosphere of the Conch Republic. its baby blue in the early morning but at this angle and at lunchtime (when this was painted) it looks warm, french gray in the bleached noon sun. i love the counterbalance of warmth i left where the porches are and disregarded what i saw in favor of making a better painting. took me years to figure out that i didnt HAVE to paint exactly what i saw.

Here i am heading to get some cuban food after painting Blue Heaven. everything i need to paint is in the basket (including a box full of wet paintings) and the backpack on my back. and yes! i am sporting my new hat. i love a hat as good as a woman loves a pair of shoes, and believe like they do-- you cant have too many. and i find the best ones here.
Bikes are the absolute best way to get around key west and provincetown. finding a spot can take half an hour, if you can find it at all. with the bike you can go slow and "crawl" the streets looking for something that you "have to paint!"


Klinger Studios said...
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mel magee said...

i love this one! your houses are the best.
making me jealous. it's cold here.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks melanie! i'm trying to keep you warm looking at these paintings,not make you jealous.
stay warm