Saturday, January 8, 2011

Last Sliver of Light-6x6-SOLD


Just off Southard St. A little light on a bldg. just before the sun slips into the bathwater temperature sea.

This was where i painted this morning. not a bad place to come to work eh?

i've done a few paintings since i got here, but then jumped right into teaching a three day plein air workshop. it was a packed class, as we hit the outdoors with our paint, up and down the streets of this town that has such a cool vibe. its got an energy about it, but still laid back at the same time.

i taught the class the importance of simplifying and massing together values and to stop seeing "things". squint and see the masses. then simply and with no fuss, lay in the shadows, then lay down the proper "color spots". after that you go in and add the nuances, detail, pop or "bling, bling" as i call it at the very end. massing in and simplifying is essential here as everything is shoved together into tight little streets and detail abounds. this is the original place where gingerbread men where cut out of wood and placed all along the porch's eaves. there are a million details in this type of architecture, not to mention railings, bannisters, and palms with a thousand leaves! you gotta simplify or go mad.

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Klinger Studios said...

Aaah, nice gig. Wish I were there.