Monday, April 18, 2011

Roswell/Atlanta Workshop

Today was day one of my three day workshop in Roswell Ga. a beautiful little town on the outskirts of atlanta. we went over values for much of the day painting and "seeing" in black and white. or in this instance grayed down versions of ultramarine blue (blue with orange in it) see the value scale on top? the number 1 value has a line drawing a connection to the number three value. that means if a box, block, object etc is white on the light side (no. 1) it will be a number 3 in the shadow. and a number 2 object in light will most likely be a no. 4 value in the shadow. a dark object will appear to be a no. 3 value in light and a no. 5 value where it gets no light. these are diane's box exercises from class today. thanks diane! heres a white object (could be white or yellow or light pink) on a medium tabletop(could me red, medium green etc) the background obviously dark
now heres a medium box with what looks to be a dark tabletop and a light background

and this is a dark block on a medium tabletop with a light background.

once you learn how to bracket values in a logical way you will be able to add observation to some reasoning and figure out what values things should be and why.

bracketing means putting a two value jump in value from the lightest plane (direct light) to the darkest plane in shadow (the one getting the least amount of light) If there's a midtone (strafing light or half in light half in shadow) its the value inbetween the lightest and darkest. so if its a white block the plane getting the most amount of light would be no. 1, the midtone would be no.2 and the shadow plane on a white block would be no darker than no. 3.

Day two tomorrow. i'm stoked!

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