Monday, April 11, 2011

Wilmington Workshop Day One

Today was day one of a three day workshop in Wilmington NC. Fifteen stoked students learned all about the importance of values, how to "bracket" them into believable and simple value plans. then on to color, how to mix any color imagineable. i pulled pages out of magazine and at the end of the day students were mixing any color i gave them. Then i showed them how to mass in the shadow and light pattern, then go back and make it even more believable by going from two values (one for light, one for shadow) to four and then on to six. Tomorrow we'll put all this into practice as we take it outside painting plein air. i havent been painting much lately. been running from one workshop to the next so i dont have anything image-wise to post. i'll get something on as soon as i can. Flying out to Roswell Ga. (near Atlanta) this Sunday to hold a three day workshop on Monday. there's a space or two left. if you'd like to sign up email me and i'll hold you a spot. Next Workshop- Dare County Arts Council Plein Air Workshop- manteo nc- apr. 25-27 email me to see if there are any spots still open

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Anonymous said...

How do you "bracket them into believable and simple value plans"?

Thank you so much for your painting videos....I am a very beginner and am loving your suggestion to paint right over pictures. That really removed the intimidation for me. So I am practicing my values right over newspaper and magazine pictures.

do you do this workshop in Boston and/or do you recommend any teacher in Boston?

Thank you!