Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jacksonville W/S

well its been a few days since last posting and i wrapped the 3 day BHI workshop up and did the Jacksonville class on Cape Cod Underpainting today (saturday)
i'll deliver the show of my new work to City Art Gallery in Greenville NC and then i'll start doing some painting on a regular basis again. been about 7 or 8 weeks teaching everyday (or flying or driving) without much painting going on.
i noticed that you really have to devote yourself to painting alone to get some done everyday. after putting all my energy into teaching i didnt feel the painting mojo. so i havent painted in quite a while.
so if you lost your mojo like i have, go do what i'm about to. Find your fave place to paint and spend a couple of days there painting 6x8's. you'll soon be stoked to paint again! I CANT WAIT!

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