Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marsh Panorama

did this off the side of the road the other afternoon. i never get tired of the scenery where i live. marshes and water everywhere. its a painters paradise!

Wilmington Waterfront 9x12


Douglas Clark said...

Great painting! I can almost hear the buzz of the mosquitos.

DGehman said...

Wilmington Waterfront - great light. Huge amount of detail but on a closer look, they're expert gestures with a brush. And the marsh carries fabulous light as well.

Trying to figure out how you pulled off all the windows in the waterfront. Sheesh.

mike rooney studios said...

doug- believe me in a month or two the blood suckers in that marsh will be able to pick you up and carry you away!

dave- i always thought that was cool about impressionist style paintings. making something look detailed with just flicks of paint.