Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Clean Lines-6x6-SOLD

one from swan quarter marina. i loved this cool little boat and the lighting effect. we have a huge wildfire raging a few miles from here for the last month now. it puts a smoky haze into the air and on some days its so heavy it looks like its about to rain. for weeks ive been traveling an hour away to get away from it. lately the high winds have cleared that out into a thin gauzy light. at first it drove me crazy but i'm getting used to it. its a cooler, less intense sunlight.

Workshop Updates

on the way back down from cape cod/maine the middle of september i will be giving a few days of workshops in Rehoboth Beach Delaware Sept. 7th (Paint Camp) and Plein Air Loose and Colorful on the 8th and 9th. also one day of plein air lessons in fairfax virginia on the 10th of sept. and if you'd like to join us give me an email and we'll go from there. these classes will be very small and you'll get loads of personal attention.


jimmy craig womble said...

Hey Rooney, hope you're well! You nailed the warmth of color of the light as well. It's weird, kind of orange late afternoon feel to it here in Morehead when it's blowing in. Been fun painting when not too smoky.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks jimmy! yeah it gets kinda orangey over here 10 miles from the fire too when the suns trying to get thru the haze. lately been stormin' in the afternoon. have you updated your website with youre new paintings? wanna see em