Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lending a Hand-6.75x8-$150

$150 plus $10 s/h
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getting some beach figures to my outer banks galleries. i dont mind studio work (painting from my photos) when its 100 degrees outside. its miserable sweating into your paint, and you have to move real slow out there to survive. i used to brave that kind of heat but thought it was more efficient to paint and mail paintings to my far away galleries instead of proving to myself how "tuff" i was!

the score- brain: 1, ego: 0.


Margo said...

Smart move Mike. My only from life work is an airconditioned life drawing situation. Not much painting gets done in the middle of a heat stroke. Your work is just getting more wonderful by the day, and I thought it was pretty darn fabulous to begin with!

Robert said...

I would paint in my studio, but it's usually about 20 degrees warmer in there. I'll take the street any day.

Douglas Clark said...

I like how your figures almost have a sculptural quality.