Saturday, August 20, 2011

Subdued Skiffs-6x6-$75

$75 plus $10 s/h
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here's another good example of a milky light key. soft-to-no-shadows and values pretty close together, with a blueish-violet light permeating everything.

Corn Hill Cottages- 16x20

recently purchased by N.I. from New York

just got back from doing a demonstration at my orleans gallery. took an 8x10 painting i did of some cottages with the water behind them (with robert and chris- my new painting buds) in Provincetown this morning, and painted one 16x20 from it, as i gave a running commentary on what i was doing to the half dozen or so in the audience.

we were lucky to get any painting done this morning as the clouds rolled in right at dawn when we got there. then they broke just in time to paint and then clouded back up right when we all finished. we are quite the sight, all of us toting huge backpacks full of painting gear down a street full of tourists. we look like those soldiers you see on tv when theyre headed off to afghanistan with packs on their backs as big as they are. we tromp around looking for something that catches our fancy and away we go. in p'town (the oldest continual art colony in the US) the people are are so used to seeing painting on the street that nobody even stops and says anything to you like they do everywhere else i paint. inevitably when they approach you and ask you what youre painting? you hear about some guys cousin or mother who painted such and such. all the while youre trying to maintain your concentration on the painting (but not appear rude) so you grunt at the appropriate times and they sooner or later mosey down the road. i used to put a pair of earplugs in my ears like i was listening to music and the plug end went into my pocket not even hooked up to anything. dont do that anymore. now i just hint to the chatty kathy bystander if theyre interested in purchasing the painting really cheap like $2000 or so?they usually get scared and scurry away as fast as possible. ahhhhh... peace and quiet again. now back to work on the canvas in front of me, as i wrestle it into submission.


Klinger Studios said...

Lovely. It has such a calm yet inviting feel.

Klinger Studios said...

(First comment meant for the boats.) I like the next piece too -the touch of red, and the white chair, really make it. And I know what you mean about the audiences -I knew a woman who wore a t-shirt w/ big letters that said, "Don't bother me." But I like your sticker shock idea even better!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks christine!