Sunday, April 15, 2012

SOLD-Afternoon Light on Elgin Lane-7x9

Great workshop in fort pierce yesterday and today i drove up to savannah where  i'll paint downtown this evening. thanks jimmy craig for the tip on a decent spot to set up my mobile"studio"   :D
then into charleston tomorrow morning!

 the painting above is again street in key west to paint, Elgin Lane. the good thing about painting on this particular street is that  its so narrow (so there's not a lot of traffic) and the bad thing is the streets are so narrow (so when someone DOES come down you have to move all your stuff out of the way)

the guys that live where the fence on the left is, begged me not to paint the house on the left. they think its an eyesore and were adamant that they didnt want me giving it any attention. then when i didnt concede to them they wanted to know why i would paint such a ramshackle house? i was like, "dude look at the light on it" (thinking duh-h-h to myself)
He then stared at me quizically for several seconds before shaking his head and cursing me under his breath.

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