Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SOLD-Western Union Schooner

this is the Western Union schooner out of key west.  dont quote me on the exact details but i think it was first built way back in the maybe 20's/30's/40's??? it hauled the underwater cables as they were being layed in the keys. then it was used briefly as a ship where troubled youth worked in a program up in new england. the key west locals missed the boat and realized how a piece of maritime history was gone so they bought the ship and got her back in key west.  since then (one or two decades) she has taken tourists out on sunset cruises. my buddy gary is the ships musician and asked me to come along on a sunset cruise and play some tunes with him. as the sun turned fiery orange and the sky went crazy with color we played somewhere over the rainbow on ukelele's for the passengers. we were totally powered by the wind and there was no sound except the ukes and the water hitting the front of the ship. then gary gave us a celestial lesson showing us the major planets and constellations in the twilite sky. magical!  it was one of the best nights i had in the keys. thanks gary! if youre ever in key west you gotta go out on her at sunset. she's a beautiful schooner and seeing the sunset from a mile out in the ocean (south towards cuba) is something you'll never forget. and also you can say youve been the furthest south you can go in the united states without entering international waters!
The Buildup- 9x12 
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Klinger Studios said...

Nice piece. And thanks for the story, Mike. That sounds like a wonderful thing to do!