Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SOLD-Capt. Phillips Side Yard-6x8

funny how most folks think all we painters do is paint. actually with all the other stuff you have to do to teach and hang in galleries, its a struggle to find time to paint. this is from the other day back in familiar waters, swansboro. the traps on the right bottom remind me of my painting days in maine last september. they can be hard to paint. you really have to just squint and paint what you see since theyre made out thin wires and you surely wouldnt want to try to paint what you "know" they're made out of.


jimmy craig womble said...

Hope your show went well on Thurs. Rooney! Have fun in Nags Head this next week. See you soon, enjoyed painting out the other day.

mike rooney studios said...

had fun too jc. soon again in charleston!