Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Changing a Field Sketch-nodp

done plein air

below you'll see the studio version of this field sketch. rarely does it happen that i like one done in the studio from the one done plein air, but this one was the exception. on the below painting, i popped up the color, increased the constrast,  changed to a less square format, zoomed out on the scene. changed the phone pole position to a less obtrusive spot, and put the foreground in shadow. it has much more dramatic lighting  now and a much better painting i think
the two lessons here are nature doesnt always give you the best painting, and that studio paintings can look just as good or better than the plein air version

the studio version


Carol Adamec said...

An artist must be brave (and skilled) to make a "finished" painting better. Very nice re-work. Thanks for sharing.

A Painter's Journal said...

wow! What a difference and an improvement for sure. You have a real sense though about what the light would do, and how to improve the scene, etc. Not everyone can visualize so well.

jimmy craig womble said...

Great light Rooney! Vast improvement, to the heart of the view in the studio version. If in Raleigh tomorrow, come by opening. Ended up with 23 in there.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Home run!
After I commented, I noticed the title which led me here. Both of these are great. Glad I stopped in to see this.

Anette (Ahlholm) Power said...

I so agree with you about plein air/field sketch and studio paintings! The darker value in the foreground really makes the effect of sun hitting the house pop. Thanks for sharing your process!