Thursday, July 19, 2012

SOLD-Atlantic Cottage-7x9

this ones from a few months ago on a painting trip to atlantic. i think.the only thing they do in this very remote downeast coastal town is fish, oyster, fix boats, and raise misquitos.  when i saw that old grill on the side of the house i knew i had to paint  this watery vignette.

note: i could use some help. i 'm trying to get back into my hotmail account and i have to prove who i am. theyre asking for some recent emails as proof. here's what i need. if you emailed me anytime around the end of june or the first two weeks of july could you give me your email address and the subject line of that email? you would be helping me get back into my account that has my 800 favorite email addresses in it. thanks so much!

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jimmy craig womble said...

I know where that is! :) I did it, Rooney! Gots me a blog now, too. Call you this week, hope you are good. JC