Monday, July 30, 2012

$100-Soundside Demo-6x6

email me to purchase

this was a demonstration for a recent lesson. SB wanted to see how to paint a believable tree. i explained that a tree is grouping of clumps and to render them like roundish organic shapes with the lightest leaves being on the side facing the light source (usually the sun). technique-wise, i first lay in the shadow side in darker green and then lay in the light side with a warmer lighter green. link as many of the dark shapes as you can. in other words dont have them (or the lights) look like polka dots. you want a chunky 'graphic' look. then add two more colors of darks and two more colors in the light. then it should look something like the one above. then i added some subtle temperature changes in the grass, water, and sky. i think this painting took about an hour. i love the cottage on this one! SB did a great painting during her lesson. way to go SB!

She also purchased my new Pochade Box fashioned after the one ive been using for years. it costs $160 without a tripod, and comes with a gray painted glass bottom which is a dream to paint/scrape on. it also comes with a painting panel holder. if you want a tripod, the total cost is only $199 complete. its the only paint box you'll ever need. email me for yours!

Workshop and Lesson News

i'll be on cape cod for the month of august and september. i'll be available for private lessons on cape cod during that time. the fee is $35 for the first hour of the day and $25 for every hour after that. i can do one-on-one lessons or teach your small group of friends or at your arts council/league. email me if youre interested in taking your painting to the next level.

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