Friday, February 1, 2013

SOLD-Keys Driveway 0201B-6x8

well it happens every year about this time. kinda feelin' some island fever setting in. if youve never experienced it, here's how it happens.

key west is an island about 15 or 16 blocks wide and about three miles long. its the dead of winter and tho' its warm here, thousands and thousands of folks have fled the frozen tundras of the north to come here to put on some shorts and turn that lily white skin as red as a lobster. not all mind you, but many will get drunk, dive off hotel balconies into the pool, walk blindly in front of traffic looking at a map,  drive scooters dangerously, and generally do alot of other things they'd never think of doing in poughkeepsie. throw in tons of regular folks ie. locals and snow birds( like me)  and things start getting a little crowded. you feel like its wall to wall people, and nerves start to jangle. then to make things even more  interesting let the powers that be tear up the main hiway into town causing gridlock and traffic jams island-wide for about two years, then open the bars from 9 am to past two a.m the next day. toss in a few thousand cruise ship visitors also getting drunk and wearing bra's on their head and you get the idea of why after about a month of riding around on a bicycle carrying your paint studio all over bone island  i'm goin' a little stir crazy. that means i'll be hitting the road for the middle keys soon. its slower up there and kinda like going to long island ny after a month of hanging out in new york city. a good way to unwind, get away from all the people, and catch my breath. hard to keep the painting vibe when you want to tell the nice man swerving his scooter dangerously close to your front bumper to sober up, open his eyes while he's driving, put his pants back on, stop texting AND looking for a t-shirt shack, and would he mind expeditiously getting on back to poughkeepsie.

painting downtown today kinda felt like running a marathon. you gotta love it to survive it


Marla said...

Wearing a bra on my head... why did I never think of doing that?? :-)

Love this painting, Mike.

mike rooney studios said...

you have good sense marla, thats why LOL