Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SOLD-Flame-0127B-8x10- Key West Paintings

no i'm not dead! i checked this morning. very interesting week to be sure. getting ready for the upcoming show in key west opening on the 16th and was a little behind schedule so thats why i havent been posting as much.
i did this once before and did it again this week. i painted on a 18x24 for about three half days, and as i was putting my stuff in the truck, i stuck the painting on the roof to keep from smearing it. well.... proceeded to jump in and drive away. yes.... i gave the painting to the universe (read LOST) ouch. well i was teaching yesterday and one of my students said "i saw a guy carrying a board with wet paint on it like a waiter holds a tray of food over their shoulder. it looked like the one you showed us in class last week".
yep, that guy had some good kharma coming his way that day! nice to know its at least not down in a gutter somewhere covered in leaves and trash, right?
oh well, went back and did another (which i like better) so i'm caught back up somewhat and will be posting here a little more frequently.


Karsten said...

Mike - this is another great one! Reminiscent of Monet's "Sunrise, an Impression!!!"

Christine said...

Mike, This is a great story! It is such a good reminder that our work is not "precious" but f you did it once, you can do it again. I think that is a great philosophy for perseverance!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks karsten!

christine- we do better work if we dont treat it as "precious" and we're more likely to work if that pressure is off of us

Candy Barr said...

Great ending to great story...that the missing painting seen recovered .....and that you were able to recapture it again SO WELl! What a terrific sunset and brushwork. Have you seen Maine artist Colin Page's work of seascapes? His brushwork also lovely.

solaris hill notes said...

"Hi, Mike....just buy a 'Glitzy Glichee' machine and keep doing work with seasonal light...like 'La Pierre' and the 'Green Parrot'...hoho...!"