Monday, September 16, 2013

SOLD-Falmouth Abode-8x10

just got back from the cape after a grueling 14 hour straight-thru drive. i'm still passing cars in my subconscious. saw several near misses with people changing lanes at 80 miles an hour, missing each other by just inches. I saw one woman at the Virginia/NC border barreling down the interstate in pitch blackness with no lights on. really? really?

 and folks are nervous about going in the ocean because of sharks? hmmmph. the chances of being killed by a shark are about the same as winning the lottery twice or being hit by lightening twice. the odds of having something happen to you while driving the interstate for fourteen hours. that's a different story!

whats on tap for me now that i'm back? ive got about eight paintings that need painting for a new place i'll be showing some work in St Augustine Florida. has to be done soon so I gotta get on it. i'll post some more of the cape works too now that i'm off the road for a few months

the above was a demo I did recently at my workshop in Falmouth on the cape. I showed how to draw a house in perspective, block in the shadow pattern and then apply the correct colors. the painting took about an hour and a half and the students were eager to jump on one of their own. a good sign they liked the demo!

the next day we went to the inlet but the wind was gusting and after a little sketching (some in paint, some with charcoal and pencil) we high tailed it back inside the comfy art center and did a limited stroke exercise where you have to paint an entire painting in less than 50 strokes. I had a class full of great artists and no one complained the whole time. well...not until the wind got up to about 20 knots LOL! a great workshop and I was invited back to do it again next year.

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