Sunday, December 22, 2013

SOLD-Dreamy Alleyway-6x6

my last post made me a little homesick for the keys so I really wanted to revisit this house from a study I did last winter down at the key west studio. sure wish I could remember what the street name was.
today I wanted to play with the subtle color changes in the shadowed fence and house. I remember when I couldn't "see" color like I do now. thanks to studying the cape cod school of art and its students work in depth, I can see a lot more than when I first started painting. my work was mostly tonal painting back then. good grasp of the values but just didn't see the subtle color you can be trained to see, if you know what youre looking for.
one example- look how I added cooler color the same value to the street in front of the red driveway. it changes from yellow and hot to cooler and slightly pinker as it goes left to right. its out there in reality you just have to look for it and then paint it.

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