Thursday, December 5, 2013

Millis Seafood in the Afternoon Light-8x20 and NEW Gallery!

Fantastic news today! i'll now be represented in Charleston SC at the Atelier Gallery on King St. The gallery is awesome and right on gallery row. They also represent tons of great painters. very humbled to be in with such a talented bunch. will soon be getting the gallery lots of new paintings that I'm working on, as well as a bio for their website. more about those new paintings in progress in future posts.

here's the first step of the finished painting. as you can see I let a lot of the pervading pinks and lavendars "peep" thru on the finished piece. also kept the feel of looseness using those crazy 50 cent throwaway brushes from the hardware store 80% of the way thru the painting. how can you make an overly tight stroke with hairs sticking out four ways on the brush. SHHH don't tell anybody my trick. LOL


Klinger Studios said...

Congratulations Mike. Nice work on getting the gallery. Maybe I'll see it someday - I get down there sometimes. I like the piece too!

Catherine Kendrick said...

Congrats on the new gallery! Love your work.

Marla said...

This one reminds me of your friend Jimmy Craig.