Friday, March 28, 2014

Southernmost Casas-8x10

Available at Gallery on Greene-Key West

was not having the best day yesterday. a tree from some guys yard fell on my truck, and then every stroke I made on a painting I was working on was bad and had to be scraped off, then put back on. drawing was a real chore and tourists asking directions were really freaking me out. a total wash for painting really. I'm thinking to myself "how can this get any worse"
well, this well dressed guy jumps out of big car with an entourage, to see what I'm working on. he's in shiny shoes and a nice suit. well obviously he's from out of town because everybody else is in flip flops and shorts.
he ambles over to me and starts loudly proclaiming "this guys great. look at that painting. Sir, you are doing a fine job on that" etc. etc.
I think to myself, well at least I got a compliment on the painting, maybe its not as bad as I think it is and the days not all bad.
I say thanks man! and he quickly shoots out his hand. he says something like, I'm MR. X (name left out) I'm running for governor again, in florida and I'd appreciate your vote.
Jeez, we all know what politicians will do to get a vote.
so much for my compliment!


Unknown said...

sorry about your truck man, politicians......icing on the cake for a bad day !!! hope today is better !! checking your blog always brightens my day !!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

sheeeeee-it :(

Beautiful painting and a
great post ;)
hope the truck is reparable, Mike.