Monday, March 10, 2014

Teaching in Key Largo

 In Key Largo teaching day one of three, at the Purple Isle Art Guild and what a blast these gals are! we laugh and cut up and do some really great three value exercises. I ran everybody thru their paces with three, four, and five value black and white paintings of still life setups. and then we painted color over the grisaille. as they say "value does the heavy lifting in a painting and color gets all the credit". if it looks good in black and white it'll be dynamite in color right?! tomorrow we'll delve deeper into color and simplifying complex subject matter.

yours truly showing off about 2/3s of the show. as you can see, ive got a lot of bigger ones this year. I'm happy to report that many of them have sold. thanks to Nance, Karen, Cathleen, and Frankie from Gallery on Greene for a wonderful reception and all their hard work selling my work year round in key west.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Congratulations and may I say that you've hit it out of the park?
Your paintings are sparkling with color and beautiful patterns ;)

Klinger Studios said...

Looks like a good show, Mike. I'm getting ready to have a show at a local, very nice restaurant here in Yellow Springs, OH. I'm wondering if you always frame your work and do you usually use the gold frames? They look nice but can be pricey.