Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On the Docks-30x40

On the Docks- 30x40 oil on gallery wrapped canvas
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ive been painting big paintings here lately and loving it. my quest is for glowing saturated and bold color statements these days! think Wolf Kahn!
ever concerned with how underpainting affects the finished product. also more color notes in each shape. its and evolution of sorts. the shimmery water you see in the lower left hand side of the painting is the effect I'm after. the total percentage of this painting that has that "X factor" is way up there, so I'd say I'm happy with the direction my painting is going. still not there in a lot of ways tho'. guess i'll always be saying that huh? 

heres what the underpainting looked like. I know its right when it almost looks done in this "crazy color" stage


Unknown said...

mike, love how it comes alive ! a few post back you said you were underpainting with acrylic some these days,,, did you on this one ?

DGehman said...

Wow! Glad to see you're loading that Beauport easel, and with absolutely no proportion problems vis-a-vis the easel and your painting size.

But how do you put all that paint on the canvas with your little palette... "little" in relation to the size of the canvas.

Love to see a video of you doing these, must be paint flying everywhere!