Thursday, April 24, 2008

24 hrs. more to Enter Give-Away

Thought you guys might like to see my plein air setup in action. i'm on a rooftop in wilmington. i use the beauport easel, also called a gloucester easel. this WIP (work in progress) is pretty big- 24x30 and its blocked in with a large brush and then knifed over top of that to get the loose feel.

WIP- work in progress

notice how the color scheme of the painting doesnt resemble the real thing. thats why i had to quit painting. the clouds came in and grayed everything out and cooled off and darkened all the shapes. the scene actually did look like the painting for the first hour. i'll go back at the same time of day with similar weather and finish the painting.
this will be in the New Elements show in July if it comes out.

Remember, you only have 24 more hrs to register to win the free painting. send me your mailing address in an email with "contest, free, giveaway" in the subject line. if i draw your name i'll send you the painting of your choice from the blog entry i did yesterday.

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