Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tool of my Trade- 6x8

I thought it only fitting that this portrait of my painting knife be the first painting that i give-away in my Free Blog Contest. after all it is the "Tool of my Trade" Hope you win!
here are the details again...
Announcing the new Painting Give-Away!
i will be giving away this original 6x8 oil painting FREE this month and all you have to do is check the blog frequently to register to win. i will even pay to ship it within the u.s. to you for free.
heres how it works. i'll announce on a RANDOM day that that day is the give-away day. you have 48 hrs from that day to send me an email with the sentence "free painting" in the subject line to rooneystudios@hotmail.com with your complete mailing address in the body of the email. i will draw out a winner 48 hrs after the announcement and ship them this 6x8 original oil painting absolutely free!
NOTE-- if "free painting" is not in the subject line i wont open the email (afraid of viruses) so be sure to do that or you wont be entered. Keep checking back here and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

I like the 'thumbnail' format - really shows off your variety of works, colors and styles. Are you painting with the knife all the time or just when the scene speaks, "knife?"

Saw your pcs at SeaTree - loved the boys on the beach up close & personal.

Hope to add 'Tool of My Trade' to my Rooney collection

mike rooney said...

thanks. i liked the way the boys on the beach came out too.
i guess i havent picked up a brush in over a few months now. not a conscious decision to 'not' use a brush, just seems the knife is my weapon of choice lately. i like how loose i can get with it. something i had to 'try' to get with the brush where its second nature with a chunk of thin metal. always loved camille prezwodiks stuff and peggy kroll-roberts (she uses a brush but same slabby look as a knife)
keep checking the blog for the giveaway day and send the email entry within 48 hrs. it might be going on your wall after all.

bgernat said...

Sis H & I are taking Camille's wrshp in the Easton, MD area in Aug. Am excited.
Sorry about the 'anonymous' response to The Knife - I am a techno peasant!
Must try a knife soon - I love the looseness, texture, and purity of color