Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blue Sky Marsh-9x12

this is one i did to play with the sky. wanted to get it juicy and to practice some of these early sping clouds that are around right after a storm.
hope this makes you want to put on your flip flops and shorts.
sun's supposed to come out and my prison sentence stuck in the studio will end. cant wait to get out outside and paint.

today is not the day of the give-away but who knows, tomorrow might be. check back often.


Frank Gardner said...

Wild abstract stuff going on in that sky Mike. What, is Jerry's giving you free paint or something? lol

mike rooney said...

i got a little free paint from them but thats long gone. i just figured i'd keep painting like somebody else was paying for it until i go broke. you know how that is....
loved the guy behind the horses with the grabbag paints you just did!