Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunny Day Production

A Bluff View- 16x20

this ones from one of my favorite spots on earth to paint. i've painted many from this area and i never tire of it. this is an afternoon painting. i love the blue-green tree shadows on the yellowy-green grass. combo of knife and brush.

Ginger's Dock- 8x20

this is a cool dock and panoramic inlet view. the homeowners are very nice and didnt run me away so i'll remember this spot and come back for more painting. its very hard to find water access where you can paint these days. property owners are very territorial and dont like strangers on or near their property, so finding places to paint unhindered is as hard as doing the painting. glad to find this spot just minutes from 'the bluff '.

todays not give-away day for the free painting of the painting knife (see post below for picture of it) come back soon and WIN!

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