Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sushi Chef-20x16

click on the image to see the texture....
here's one of the two paintings done at the jerrys artarama demonstration. i had to work on a few shapes later back in the studio because working that quick while youre talking is bound to make some parts of the painting off. but thats the beauty of oils, you can scrape down the parts you dont like and lay it back in the way you want it.

laying in bigger paintings with the knife just requires larger knives and way more paint. i think i made some improvements on this one from the small study for this. i put a little more color and detail in the food since i had lotsa room on this larger canvas. i also put a little more variation in the background to just to liven it up.


Frank Gardner said...

Nice and juicy Mike!
It IS hard talking and painting at the same time. Kinda like pattin' your head and rubbin' your tummy.
I think the left brain talking interferes with the right brain trying to paint.
Have you switched completely to painting with a knife?

mike rooney said...

i havent made a conscious decision to switch, you know? just seems like after drawing in the comp. with my small brush and thin paint i wanna start wacking in some gooey big shapes so i put the brush down in favor of the knives. just bought some 2 and three inch blades and have been playing with them. when it gets nice i'm going to do some huge (for me) plein air canvases with these big trowels. sizes like 48x60, 36x36 and if a few of these sell i'll go even bigger. wanna see if people will want and/or want to pay for these larger price tagged paintings. hey it they dont sell i'll cut em off the frame, sand em down and glue em to 12x12, 9x12, and 12x16 masonite like i'm using now.its only time and money right? google louisa mcelwain and check out her huge loose plein air canvases with a knife. theres a page called meet louisa, click and see her toyota pickup easel. its cool.
loved your yellow flower and field painting. you didnt use any dark darks and it looks to an east coast beach bum (like me) like the mexican desert would look LOL
youre a good dude. glad we ran into each other in cyberspace.
take care.