Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gettin' a Make-Over 9x12

i extensively used a tool i have created on this one. the tools a hybrid between a knife and a brush. i didnt really create it i just had a few laying around and put them to use. its a brush that has been totally scrubbed down till there is only a stub left. i broke the handle off short and use the tool to knife on thin lines, draw in small shapes, lay in really small shapes thats not convenient because the knife blade's too long. so now i'm using knives, fingers, and a stub thing to get the image down. you do what you gotta do right?


daviddrawsandpaints said...

And it really works for you Mike.

Thought I would leave a comment to let you know of my visit. Your paintings are great - I like them very much - clean and fresh.

Came to you via Casey Klahn.
ps: is today free painting day???

mike rooney said...

thanks david-

the stubby brush makes a great mini-shovel for getting paint into small shapes. give it a try- i think i saw where you said you knife painted also...
thanks for commenting and letting me know we made contact. i'll look you up as well.