Sunday, April 27, 2008

Noon Delivery- 6x6

having a ball painting these from the digitals i took from the parking deck the other day. i love the perspective, looking down with them totally unaware that i'm even photographing them.

technique was as follows:
tone white gessoed canvas panel with light wash of magenta acrylic. you can see it peeking out if you look hard where big shapes come together. this gets rid of the white canvas, setting a nice warm tone
then draw the shadow shapes in straight magenta acrylic
fill in all the shadow shapes starting with the darkest and working towards the lightest shadow
fill in all the light shapes
then, hit some hilites and some real dark areas. boom, finished!

leave a comment below by clicking 'comment' and tell me if you think these would make nice larger paintings.... maybe like 12x12 or so?

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