Friday, April 18, 2008

Its harder than it looks

no pics today. filmed the painting knife dvd for jerrys artarama all day today and didnt think to get a pic of the finished painting. guess you'll have to buy the instructional dvd huh? LOL. anyway, i thought you just go into the studio and start talking and booom, done. thats what they do on TV right?
you get tongue tied, or repeat a word too many times or forget your train of thought. three big cameras starting at you and you freeze. it reminded me of trying to record an answering machine message and you have to keep doing it over and over because you forgot to say something or got tongue tied. something about talking into a machine or, in this case, talking to three of them.
now when i turned around and faced the canvas and started painting i was as natural as can be. it was fun overall tho'.
we shot several 15 minute short segments of different techniques and products that will be on YouTube and the Jerrys Artarama website, and then we shot a dvd on knife painting showing a boat painting i did from start to finish. it'll run about 1 1/2 hrs or so. when i have more info i'll share it here first. the dvd will be in their nationwide catalogue so i'm really stoked to increase my exposure nationally. anybody trying to make a living in this business knows that exposure of any kind is critical. and the wider the audience the better.
the next dvd will be filmed totally on location outside on the beach at topsail island, where i'll do a beach scene from start to finish. keep an eye out here for when it will be available.

today's not give-away day but keep checking in to win one of my paintings free. even the shipping's free.

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