Friday, April 25, 2008

Contest Extended One More Day

Ambulatory Abstract- 9x9

Have decided to extend the contest deadline so people can enter if they visit the blog today. tomorrows the deadline for sure so if you havent entered scroll down a few days and get the details to win a free painting.

Todays painting is a result of a parking deck shoot yesterday. the sun kept coming and going behind clouds so i decided to shoot pics down on the street from the 5th floor of the parking deck. saw this guy and the sun came out just long enough to shoot him with a shadow. i really like this painting alot. it may stay with me until i'm tired of looking at it then i'll let someone else take it off my hands.

Judging the Kinston Paintout today and tomorrow. i'm planning on sneaking away and painting some myself so i 'may' have something to post tomorrow? if not i'll still try to post how thats going. lots of out of town plein air painters are coming so i cant wait to see what they paint!

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