Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today's Free Painting Give-Away Day!!!

Persimmon Abstract- 6x8
Tool of my Trade- 6x8

Pink Casa by the Sea- 6x8

Decided this month to give y'all a choice of which painting you wanted.
Now to get one of these original oil paintings done from life, you have to send me an email with your name and full mailing address in the body of the email within 48 hours of the time stamp on this post (around 8 am on Wednesday april 23) So deadline is 8am friday morning the 25th)

this is very important!!!! i will not accept or open any emails that dont have "contest, giveaway, free painting, etc" in the subject line of the email. i'm scared to death of viruses and wont open your email if it doesnt have those words in the subject line.
in the email tell me which one you want. i'll draw out of my hat and the winner will get his/her choice sent free.
Remember--- you only have 48 hrs from 8am the 23rd to register.

you dont have to but i'd love it if you'd write one sentence in your email about why you like to come to my blog. this way i can make it better and more informative.

thanks. now send that email and WIN!

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paintingsbyb.price said...

hhmmmm.hard choice. I should be uploading paintings tonight. Ive been computer lazy lately.