Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out of the Archives

Wash Day- 9x12- SOLD

its been rainy and cloudy the last couple of days here in Surf City so i wont be painting until it clears up. i dont paint on overcast days anymore. i used to just to be painting but this year i decided to spend overcast days promoting my artwork instead of practicing. hopefully this will work out. you never know until you try.

this ones from the archives done last july in a little town where a lot of migrant workers live. i drove up on this little trailer and loved the wash hanging on the line, the satellite, and the air conditioner stuck haphazardly in the window.

the family who lives there warily eyed me as i painted, not really sure what i was up to. maybe they thought i was the Immigration Service or something! this little jewel sold quickly as did a larger one of it as a commission. its appeal must be that it touches that "scraping by to survive" part of the psche we all can identify with. for my still poor self especially! LOL

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