Friday, April 4, 2008

Woke up wanting to paint--I'm better!

6x8 8x10

woke up this morning rarin' to go wanting to paint so i finished the pasture scene. feeling bad sucks.
the little roofline painting with the palm is a save from a 12x16 i did in the keys. if you ever have a painting youre thinking of painting over, before doing it, look at it in pieces and see if you can crop a smaller one that you do like out of the mess. just think, i had this big 12x16 and all i liked was this composition with the palm, cloud, and roofline. better than gessoeing over a half dozen flops, like i did yesterday. so try to save anything if theres anything there. if not white it out and expect the next one to be a real masterpiece!

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