Monday, April 14, 2008

Greenville to Sneads Ferry

5th and Cotanche- 16x20
this is the main drag in greenville. 5th st. goes right thru east carolina university and this is the bar district. the students seemed enthralled to see me out painting. everybody wanted to talk to me about the painting.

Country Road- 8x10
this is a back road near kinston very close to sundown. had to get this one really quick. i could see the scene changing color and getting darker every minute.

Up on Stanchions- 6x8

done in my favorite haunt, swan quarter marina. i love to paint boats up on stanchions. you get to see the whole boat all at once. this ones small in size but big in subtle color.

todays not the give-away day but it is very soon. you'll have 48 hrs to contact me by email with your mailing address when i do announce the give-away day to win a free painting including free shipping in the u.s.


paintingsbyb.price said...

sorry i missed you on sat 12. been painting alot will upload tomorrow.Ive been painting big these days. vidoe taping me paint as well its fun to fast forword a watch yourself paint. trying to put it to music. Greenville looks great.

mike rooney said...


thanks man... cant wait to see what ya got. put the video on YouTube!
the workshop got cancelled unfortunately. i'm going to put one on my self in a month or two. i'll let you know when it is in case you want to take it.
keep painting....