Sunday, April 6, 2008

Squeeze a bunch and use it all

Soundside Summer- 12x16

dont think i'm weird but keving mcpherson speaks to me in my sleep. ok... it is a little weird.

i woke up this morning and it was raining again. i kept having this feeling that today i needed to paint a larger piece and use a little exercise he suggests in his book. he says do a painting after squeezing out a half a tube of each color and using it all on that painting. with a brush that equates to a thick, textural painting.

with a knife it equates to 1/8" paint in places and gooshy texture. i went and bought a bunch of 200 ml tubes and squeezed out about 1/5 a tube for each pile of color. man thats a ton of paint. did the one above, and one other, and had no color left over. and thats with adding lukas painting butter to all the mixes as well. this stuff doubles the thickness without losing the color or intensity. i was slathering it on. you gotta double click the above image so it pops up big and you can see how thick this paint is. it is truly one you gotta see in person to appreciate all the intermingling of color that happened. really subtle and sweeeet! the panel is heavy from all the paint on it.

so whether you want to loosen up, get lotsa texture on one, or get a wild hair to 'frost a cake', squeeze a half a tube out of each of your primary colors, a ton of white and paint your next one. and use it ALL. man, you'll love it! i wanna fall in this one and roll around!

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