Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nicki Brown- Come on Down!!!

Nicki Brown from greenville, nc is the winner of this painting entitled "persimmon abstract" in the FREE Painting Give-Away for the month of april. i'll ship it first of the week nicki! congratulations.

the First Annual Kinston Paintout is in the history books and Stephen Greer from the OOPS group in jacksonville took home first prize and $500. Dodi Groesser from greenville took second prize and Bernie Rosage Jr. from OOPS jacksonville took third. John Groesser and Stephen Greer got honorable mentions as well.

Judging was waayyyy harder than i thought it would be. there was so much quality stuff to have to say these three are the best. jeeezzzz. i saw five to eight that all qualified but you have to be decisive and somebody has to take first second and third and out of a dozen or more participants thats tuff. it was a huge success and mary page whitley said they would try to do it again next yr. mary- thanks for excluding yourself from the competition and helping me judge. folks. mary does some amazing plein air work as well and could have placed high in the standings. thanks for her sacrifice!

the greenville group says they want to hold one and so does OOPS. who knows maybe we'll get as nationally known for holding plein air competitions as the laguna plein air scene one day. lets hope!

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