Monday, November 17, 2008

A Bunch for Sale!

The Bail Out--SOLD

Sketching in the Sun-- SOLD

Flowers in a Chair --SOLD

Glass Jar--SOLD

Above Key Lime Pie Shop (Key West)-SOLD

Lake Reflections--SOLD

Front St. Spire-SOLD

In a Pinch (Deux) --SOLD


Sorry for not posting in a while.... busy painting. some of these are brand new, some i'm posting again. a few of these were from Key West last spring.
finally all the key west paintings are sold so maybe i will go back this winter. i love going to that tropical place when its 3o degrees here!


Anonymous said...

Had to chuckle when I spotted the Key West ones….I lived there for seven years before moving back to the UK. Had been thinking recently of doing some small studies of balconies from the many sketches and photos I have of the place, seeing your lovely loose interpretations has inspired me to get going on it! Good luck with selling these for Christmas.

mike rooney studios said...

welcome to the blog! i spent about 9 days down there painting on Stock Key (actually liked that as much as Key West)
the one titled 'bocadeah' is that because we had a hard time saying the real name so i nicknamed it bocadeah!
how do you like the UK. i'll check out your blog and see if youre painting it plein air.
did you find me off frank gardners blog?
glad youve got the stoke to start the balcony series! cant wait to see em. be sure to let me know when you get the first one done ok?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, just love these little ones. And they all make each other look even more unified. The colors, the freedom- just wonderful.
I suspect that given the precariousness of the economy, if it's for sale, smaller is better. Psychologically, they can be priced lower and still be affordable to buy and practical for us to sell.
I've taken the same path in prep for a show later in February.

Great videos on Jerrys'- I saw an ad for yours in Artists' Magazine and then found the link here on your blog.
Good for you and great for US!

Hope you sell them all.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria- thanks for the props on the pieces.
didnt know it was in Artist Magazine. what month was that? ive got five total instructional DVD's for sale.
cool to think you saw it in the
Carribean, that blows my mind to think my stuffs starting to cross the state line and even the southeast region. preeesh the heads up. i want to get that issue. was it December?
yes-- the little ones are selling very well, especially at this time of year. sold all of the ones i just posted. go for small, medium till things settle down is my advice bonnieluri. it seems to be working when the larger ones are still on my gallery walls from the capital to the coast. maybe the economy will stay crappy for awhile longer for me LOL

Anonymous said...

Mike- you're on page 15 in The Artist's Magazine December issue.
I subscribe to it and really get a lot out of it.
Wasn't I tickled when I leafed through and stopped to look at the full page ad from Jerrys' and there you were!
Wow- my blog buddy.

I tried to upload the free demo on your blog site but it kept jamming up and freezing. It was the one about 5 values.
There may have to be a DVD in my future so I can view at my leisure.
The outreach in this art community is remarkable whether it's blogs or print.

Anonymous said...

Yes, through Frank's blog….via someone else’s…you know how all that wonderful stuff happens through blogging!
We really got sick of hurricane season, and after Wilma knew it was time to leave Key West. I absolutely loved it there and had such a marvellous network of artist friends. Sold loads too, but in the end the heat was getting too much for our English blood. England had been calling for a long tome to return…so we sold up and made the move.....cats and all!
Still trying to get my head around the different landscape and scenery here, and every now and then just HAVE to paint a palm tree! Even though we lived in the States for a very long time, we were both So ENGLISH over there that it was going to happen....... that some day we would return. Talking about plein air work…. easier to dress up and be too cold than to be sweating buckets and passing out in the tropical heat. Really need to get outside to do some painting, as I have been busy full out settling into out new home.
Never seen your DVD’s……I’ll have to check them out. SO glad I found your Blog.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria and maggie-
there are a bunch of new Free Art Lessons i filmed recently on (click Free Art Lessons on the top menu)
nothing you dont already know just entertaining. to hear my southern drawl if nothing else. i've got the first dvd on painting with a palette knife available for $29.99 plus $5 s/h. just picked them up yesterday at the warehouse. the stores dont even have it yet. let me know if you'd like one.
sorry for that ad ( i cant help it..ive got this nasty habit of eating three times a day LOL)
bonnieluria- thanks for the heads up on the ad in artist mag. glad to know theyre pushing me as hard as i'm pushing me *)
maggie- arent palms fun to paint? plus they bring back memories of good times dont they? i'll probably go back down to the keys in the middle of the winter to warm up and get full days of plein air painting in. i know you miss the keys, i do too.

Frank Gardner said...

You eat THREE times a day?!?
Jezz... decadent. I can only scrape up scraps for one meal a day. LOL

Like these little ones Mike, but I don't see any that are still for sale.

mike rooney studios said...

could stand to eat only two for real, one would really do me good in my battle against the bulge LOL.
they fortunately have all sold and the little barn with the moon over it sold last night. right now these little ones are going for a whole lot less but a whole lot faster than my bigger work right now, so im not complaining. i crank em out to tune up and improve my skills for my gallery work so its a win/win. wont get rich at those prices tho' will i?
let us all know how the giclee thing goes on your blog. i know there are more than just me watching and giving your opinion on how its going. especially with the way things are going financially i think lower cost stuff will get it into more households (kinda like these "painting a days" and the folks that can afford the original will by it too! another win/win.
later my amigo

Anonymous said...

So glad I stumbled on your blog…you are such a riot! Palms and Key West and an afternoon at the Schooner Wharf people watching and drinking cold beer in the blistering heat…and boy do I miss all the galleries…so many good artists, so much to see, so much to stimulate creativity. These days the only art discussions or art technique fixes for me are via blogs or the Internet (Lol).
And you are shameless!!!!!(Lol) …..Good for you for plugging your new DVD…. although if there is one going free .....if they are hot of the press ..I could write a review of it on MY blog (Lol)….now who’s being shameless! (Need some serious help with knife work, though)....
Good to see all of your little ones have sold.

Frank Gardner said...

I was just kidding Mike. I eat two big meals and then graze a lot.
I'll let you know how the repros go.
The originals are still selling better than the giclees, but I dont have that many of them out there yet.

Somebody figured out that you stuff was priced way to low and they are grabbing it all up while they can.

mike rooney studios said...

maggie- youre making me homesick for key west talking about the wharf and tropical temps. its 45 here in NC today. i love the energy of duval street, the charm of the conch houses, the friendliness of the locals,the tropical colors. i was painting there last winter and i painted three paintings off one street corner. i have to drive all over here to do three that turn me as much as those three on one corner. you shoulda never left there!

frank- dont they realize the more of them they try to snap up because theyre cheap the more i want to raise my prices? LOL

Anonymous said...

Mike…not to stretch this out much further…but it is amazing what you yearn for after living abroad for a long time. England was calling us both back…really missed having the four seasons, missed our families…missed the eccentricity of the English! I feel very blessed to have been part of Key West and its art community, but year in year out it is brutally hot, always a worry about your house in hurricane season (by the way We used to have one of those cute ‘Conch Cottages’) and it became a very expensive place to live. The art market has been slowly changing there over the last five years, as so many new galleries have sprung up, and the many cruise ships that dock has created a different kind of selling market. Unfortunately the condo-ization of Key West is happening before our eyes and much of its backwater charm has gone forever. Now…reminiscing again….I miss La-Te Da (Duval street) always fun on a Sunday after noon for Happy Hour…..and miss riding my bike (painted by Captain Outrageous….!) around the streets with my easel and watercolors in the front basket.
Now….. See what your little paintings have started! It would be kind of ironic to be surrounded by beautiful English countryside in the glory of winter painting memories of Key West balconies in my studio!!!!

mike rooney studios said...

maggie- we gotta paint what we love whether we are right smack dab in the middle of it at the time already or have to travel to get there(in my case 22 hr drive/your case plane trip) , or use photos to paint from. its our desire to paint that particular thing, whatever it may be, that makes us paint it. then its as if the itch has been scratched and we look for inspiration in some other place, subject matter or nuance of style in our painting. for me at least.
i'm sure you will paint beautiful english countrysides covered in snow and then get a cappucino and paint key west balconies that are dripping with tropical sweat! thats the beauty of being an artist, nobodies the boss of us!! Paint ON!