Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

Flowers and Chair- 10x8 oil on gessoboard
Available at Vision Gallery- Atlantic Beach NC
to purchase-give them a call

Thought i'd jump online and post this recent floral still life before i start cooking the turkey.

My favorite way to eat turkey is to cover it in mustard and cayenne spice and deepfry it. thats my recipe for buffalo wings too!

Todays a day to be thankful for what we all have and not think about the small things that want to ruin our stoke for life. i wish i could do this everyday, without effort, but its hard isnt it? thinking of things like, how will whats happening in todays world affect me in the months ahead, etc etc etc. When youre thankful for what you DO have at the moment its hard to think of the future (and its uncertainties) at the same time.

So think of what you have, and not what you dont. make yourself happy for at least that amount of time. plenty of time for worry tomorrow right? i'm very thankful for my family and the fact that i can paint for a living. Thank you Jesus!

Now, go have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the day off!


Anonymous said...

I love love love this painting!
The colors, the chair, the shadow colors-ooooh it's a beauty.

The more you paint, the better you get.

Frank Gardner said...

Nice painting Mike.

Happy Thanksgiving. Good words of wisdom.

Celeste Bergin said...

I have just "discovered" you..I love this painting and appreciate what you wrote about the day. Congratulations on the book!

Alice Thompson said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Mike!
This painting is gorgeous, the colors are rich but the photo is a little burry, so I can't see the beautiful brushwork that I know is there. I'll be watching you.

I bet that Turkey is delicious!

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria- thanks so much.i had fun kinda pushing the colors on this one a little.

frank- i believe every word of it. now i just have to remember it!

celeste- so glad you found my blog. i hope you come by often, and thanks for the nice words.i'm stoked about the book being sold nationwide. will get me some national exposure and hopefully boost my stock in this crazy biz.
i'll run by and look at your blog soon. come by here anytime.

alice- the photo is a little blurry isnt it? must have took a breath when i pushed the button. i dont think 8x10s need the macro setting?
oh the turkey was delish! every bit of a twenty was devoured. havent had a turkey sandwich since i started frying em. thats good and bad!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours in this one!