Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tag-- I'm It!

I've been tagged by Frank Gardner in a blogging game called "Tag" but first i thought i'd post one i did for City Art Gallery rush rush for the holiday show i'm in. its over in Greenville on Red Banks Rd. if you get a chance go in and look at some more pieces i just took over. some are priced as low as $125 framed in a nice gold plein air frame. Doin' my part to spur the economy!

so here it is...

Takin' a Break- 8x10 oil on gessoboard


so onto the game of bloggin' tag--

Here are the rules:

1. Put a link in your posting to the person who tagged you.
2. List 7 unusual things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 other bloggers at the end of your post and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Seven quirky things about me: (couldnt think of anything interesting- it hurt my head LOL)

1. i despise going to weddings and funerals or anywhere else i have to "dress up". i even show up delivering work to fancy galleries in painted up clothes. i will put on a VERY casual shirt and jeans for VERY special occasions. 99% of the time i'm in baggies (surf shorts), tee shirt and flip flops.

2. i absolutely love two things in this world--- Red Bull and the Soprano's! Living large would be drinking Red Bull WHILE i'm watching the Soprano's. i have to watch the A&E network Soprano's because of all the bad language and other stuff so i cant order the boxed set. My question is why cant there be "cleaned up" movies, shows etc, if we can send men to the moon and space ships to mars?

3. i dont wear a watch and one of my pet peeves is making plans. plans for later in the week box you in and keep you from painting when and where you want to because you have to "Be Somewhere" at a certain time or place. it drives people around me crazy. it all started when i wouldnt make plans because there might be some surf or some wind ( i kiteboard, surf and stand-up paddle surf) then when i started painting fulltime it sounded better if i blamed it on that.. LOL

4. my studio is a two bedroom trailer at the beach. it just happens to have a bed, microwave, TV in it. The WHOLE trailer is the studio. the kitchen table is a still life area because its near a great window, my easel, homemade taboret, and dozens of drying paintings (and ones in different stages of completion) take up the whole living room. the walls of my living room/studio are filled with my fledgling art collection, pcs ive been collecting over the years (some-daily paintings of friends i met blogging), one bedroom holds more painting storage and frames and the other bedroom holds packing materials for shipping paintings. OH yeah and somewhere for me to sleep.

5. i love painting plein air and would do it out there 100% of the time if i could. its exciting out there, and painting in the studio is kinda boring to me. but when its cold or rainy i have to.

6. i absolutely love the marketing part of the painting business. i like meeting new people and love when i have an exhibition opening for my stuff! i used to street preach long long time ago and i guess thats where i got over my fear of speaking in public. kinda of ham in fact.

7. besides art i like to collect carved beach birds. love the primitive style from the old days where they used to be used as decoys and they used nails for the beak. the hunters kept shooting the beaks off the carved ones. thus the introduction of nails which lasted longer. i have some really intricately carved ones and a few 'slick' ones but i mostly like em raw and primitive looking.

my seven "tagee's" are

1. Jeff Mahorney- very cool guy, great painter and loves sarbach, and mcpherson, also a homie from NC. own one of his little gems

2.Robin Cheers- texan and i'm proud to say i own one of her little gems too

3.John Harrell- check out his rainy street scenes. gonna get one of those!

4.Cathleen Rehfeld- just found her. nice and loose!

5.Ray Logan- another of my newfound faves. cool brushstroke and color sense

6.Eric Merrill- love his stylistic landscapes

7.Aaron Lifferth- love his glass and fruit and ceramic stuff

go check out these talented folks. theyre working hard posting everyday (or almost everyday) and are an asset to this blogosphere we live in!

well now that youre sufficiently sleepy from all this ( it wasnt my idea--blame Frank) go take a nap! Todays sunday and that sounds like a great idea.
see y'all tomorrow with more bloggin foolishness!


Frank Gardner said...

Darn your fast Mike. It took me more than a week, so it's a safe bet that the one on procrastination is true, huh?

Good list of oddities.
Good list of taggies. Poor Eric, I tagged him too.
A few names are new to me, I'll have to check them out. That's what I like best about the tag thing. Finding new folks.

mike rooney studios said...

frank- i decided today was going to be the slowest day of my upcoming week so i did the tag "task" today. its alot of work cutting and pasteing and all but SOOOO worth it!
i love to find new "favorites" to replace people i like but dont post enough. this guy tofanelli i like hasnt posted in over a month another guy since august. they gotta go! i'm ruthless. if you dont produce the goods, youre outta here LOL
have met some cool folks like yourself on here and i'm getting alot of traffic coming thru here now, the more i comment on others blogs. i used to just lurk but now i just jump in. most folks when i first started didnt return the comments so i quit doing it. but now almost everybody returns the comments.
thanks for all the time you put in your blog. the hundreds of us that log on daily look forward to seeing your beautiful paintings and reading your useful info. later amigo!